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The Grotto leads its members through an Enchanted Realm where the spirit touches the heart and evolves cheerful companionship, eyes beam with delight and laughter goes with its mystic fellowship.


1) Be invited by a current member.
2) Be a Master Mason in good standing, and continue to maintain a good standing to retain your membership in The Order.
3) Be willing to keep its secrets private. Inner workings of The Grotto and its members is confidential and not to be shared with anyone under any circumstance.
Join The Grotto Grotto FAQ

Inner Order

grotto The Grotto builds upon the ethical teachings and philosophy offered in the craft lodge, through dramatic presentation of the individual degrees and other ancient rites. It offers members unlimited opportunities in activities and performances.

Outer Order

templebuilder The Temple Builders is a fraternity of the worlds best Stone Masons, Stone Carvers, Iron Workers and Carpenters in the industry. Its members unite with each other and their families in bonds of friendship and mutual assistance. A mutual tie that in this world is greatly needed.

Traveler Association

TravelerThose who do not have a local Grotto, or who are not able to come to Temple for whatever reason, may support the work of The Order by becoming a Traveling Prophet. Travelers are official members and have the right to wear its emblem and to participate in its good work.
Become a Traveler

Non-discrimination: There shall be no consideration of race, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation when considering the fitness of candidates for admission, advancement, or appointment to offices within The Grotto.

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